Sunday, January 20, 2008

Optimus Tactus Keyboard

Yeah, you thought that the Optimus Maximus was the holy grail of keyboarding . Then you saw the Optimus Tactus, a giant touch sensor display tablet -keyboard that could do all the sorts of crazy stuff the Maximus can't even touch, like playing movies and being a gigantic color swatch. It's really amazing. That is, if it weren't a concept. The only thing we don't get: the name. Tactus? Touch-sensitive does not exactly shout tactility to us, but since it's all just theoretical at this point, maybe by the time keyboards like this exist we'll all be typing on shape-shifting tactile membranes overlaid on touchscreens. That is, if Apple's patents haven't already blocked every one else off from going there. I wanna buy this one soon.....

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