Monday, December 24, 2007

Nokia to introduce QWERTY keypad

Nokia, the leader in mobiles is trying to introduce the QWERTY concept in its upcoming model E71. Much is expected from this model as it contains a 3.2 MP camera, GPS, WiFi, HSPDA and also very thin. This model is of a candy bar type. The model may look like this but its not yet confirmed.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Freedom phone to work everywhere

While travelling to another country, many would have found that their mobile does not work in their frequency band. So one gets panic on seeing this. But time has changed. Freedom phone has come to the rescue. This phone works in all countries with all the traveller need to do is to purchase a fixed number of pre-paid minutes from any subscriber in that country. So if you are visiting a country for a business trip, you need not change the phone. Instead you can buy some minutes for speaking. A very novel concept.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Extended battery life for your iPhone

Those who use iPhone would have experienced a common problem, that is battery getting dried up within a few hours of charging. This has caused a great drawback from customers using this device. Now, iPhoneRush from Apple comes with additional battery life with added cells in it. The battery time is increased by another 10 hours with standby time crossing 120 hours. It is priced at $29.95 and is readily available in the market.

Sony P5i - the best concept phone

Sony Ericsson is in the final testing stages for their P5i device. Sources describe the P5i as the 'ultimate' smartphone, which is quite a claim for a device that hasn't even made its way to the rumor pipelines.

The P5i is rumored to feature a 2.8" touchscreen, HSUPA internet connectivity, WiFi, and a 5MP camera with flash and auto-focus. While information on the P5i remains very scant so far, rumors also seem to point to the device containing GPS support. The source who says they were one of the testers has even designed a mock-up of what he remembers the phone to look like. The mock-up shows a different interface than the typical Sony Ericsson UIQ, more so resembling Sony's Cross Media Bar (XMB) interface.

If rumors hold up, this phone will be officialy announced November 15, though the phone won't be readily available until May or June of next year. No news yet if the phone will be integrated for North America HSPA networks.

Colour Laser Printers from CyberStar

CyberStar, leading peripheral manufacturer has launched its Lexmark Laser printers into the market. The 2 printers are christened X500n and X502n. They offer multi functions such as printing, scanning and copying with laser quality. The printing speed is also very high. They occupy 128 MB RAM. Another added feature is that they contain OCR(optical character reader) which allows it to read spreadsheets and documents directly.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

USB headset from Logitech

Here is the latest headset that is sure to increase the sales of the company. Logitech, the leading manufacturer of computer peripherals has introduced its ClearChat Pro into the market. The features of this headset is that it connects to the computer through the USB port making it independent of the sound card present in the computer. Also, it has laser tuned audio drivers that are pre installed in it, audio equaliser independent of the computer and the concept of noise cancellation which is a concept mastered by BOSE.

This headset is primarily designed for Internet chatting, games and audio which requires high quality sound. All the features can be controlled from the headset which allows its operation very simple. It is priced at Rs.2995

Tata's 1 lakh cars to give 25 kmpl

Tata's dream project of producing cars that cost 1 lakh is taking a new turn. It is expected that the car would be released by the end of next year. The major boost is that the car is offering 25 kmpl in city conditions which is a healthy task compared to not to even 10 kmpl given by other cars in the market. The car has indigenously built Tata engines and is equivalent to Maruti 800 in its design. Even the acceleration is on par with the 800. This eco car concept satisfies all the international norms which is an added advantage. If this car becomes a huge hit in the market, then we can find all middle class people going in their own cars instead of waiting in the bus stops.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home theater - a different one

This is not exactly a home theatre. Its a TV projector with which you can see movies at your home. It is similar to a projector in a theatre were in you can insert your CD or DVD in it and the image is projected onto the screen. You also get stereo speakers to provide you with the desired sound effect. It is retractable too. It is just a concept but if this is made into reality, then no one need to go to the theatres.

Multifuntion printers from Epson

Here comes the latest from the printer world. Epson, the leading company for printers has launched two of its latest models which are sure to catch the attention of the user. These multifunction printers are named Stylus Photo RX610, and the Stylus Photo RX690.

They have the ability of printing, scanning and copying all digital photography and also has the ability to control the speed of printing.
The two printers bundle Photo Enhance and Portrait Enhance software, of which the former is capable of automatically correcting common digital photo flaws, and the latter is capable of detecting and improving face definition and skin radiance for a more natural look. Users can also scan any image, and print directly onto any printable optical disc without the help of a PC. Another advantage is the adjustable printing speed.

Epson's Stylus Photo RX690 and Stylus RX 610 multi-function printers are available for Rs 14,500 and Rs 12,600 respectively.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

PSP concept from Ericcson

Here is the latest concept phone from Sony Ericsson. It offers multidimensional features in a single model. If the slide is moved down, you can see a keypad. If the slide is moved up, you can see the gaming keys. It also offers other standard features from Ericsson such as a 3.2 MP camera, a media player in it. The added advantage is that of a WiFi connectivity slot which helps you to browse at any place. The major disadvantage is the battery life. Since gaming requires more power from the source, a normal phone battery cannot withstand such power. Sony has to change the battery if its PSP concept phone has to find success in the market.

Eco Sensor Concept from Nokia

Check out this new concept phone from Nokia. Called the Eco Sensor Concept, it not only allows you to make calls to others but also monitor various parameters such as weather details, our own health conditions and many other parameters. The added advantage of this mobile is that it works with solar power. Its actually a 2 part concept. It is worn as a watch on the wrist were it gathers all the details. In the second part of the concept, it transfers these details to the phone via radio frequency. Sounds superb right.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

PS3 to get a lightbar

Play Station 3 finally gets a new look. Messiah Entertainment, a company who provides additional features to gadgets, has come up with a new integrated lightbar for PS3 which gives a blue light effect to it as in pimped cars. It is just a part of PS3 console. It consists of many LED's which glow and give you such an effect. Even the price is very less. Just $14.99 per piece. This new addition is expected to increase the sales of this console. Lets wait and see whether Wii and XBox will come up with any such addition to improve its sales or not.

Monday, December 10, 2007

IBM launches fastest chip in India

IBM, the giant in chip manufacturing, has launched its POWER6, the chip
which is considered by many as the fastest computer processor chip in
today's world. The company's System p570, which is touted as the
world's most powerful mid-range consolidation machine, and its
BladeCenter JS22 servers that are powered by the new chip, both will be
available in India. The chip has got many capabilities which the
previous ones does not find in them. The power considerations is taken
care off to a large extent because this chip falls under IBM's 'Project
Big Green'. It works at a speed of 4.7 GHz, but uses the same power as
POWER5 which reduces the power consumption to a large extent.

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