Friday, January 18, 2008

Hummer - Mobile Phone from FLY

Welcome to the new world of association branding. This is not a technology, its just a marketing technique. Recently fly used this very same marketing strategy and unveiled its all new "Hummer" brand mobile phones. This is very normal phone. It has features like 2 mega pixel camera, a sliding display with 262k colors with 2.2" screen. The video recording is also QVGA, so there is not much difference in it. It comes in four different colors. But the very important thing is that the shades of "Hummer" SUV is camouflaged into the back of the mobile phone. The name itself reminds you of a rugged, reliable and the ultimate SUV. Fly believes that this very fact will drive their mobile market. They are also allowed to do some small joint venture programs, to promote their mobile phone, with the car manufacturer. So you can see more phones with known brands in the market, if this becomes a hit among the people.

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